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My Hero

Awww, you are too adorable Yellow Jacket.  snicker

Yarnies ASSEMBLE!?  Heh, um, maybe not...

Yarnies ASSEMBLE!? Heh, um, maybe not...


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Oh my, wow. Just wow.

Check out this amusing article I just spotted in today’s MX (the free transit newspaper here in Brisbane).

Who knew knitwear could be used as a get out of jail free card?  Not me!
Who knew knitwear could be used as a get out of jail free card? Not me!



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Offensive AND Cute

Bad language ahead.  Consider yourself warned.


I have been having a bad day or two.  Someone has upset me very much by being a big meanie bum.  Much worse than usual.  I’d like to think I am a nice sort of person, so I don’t name names or talk behind backs.  So where do I put all that negative energy then? 

Needlepoint, that’s where.

I like to keep small cross stitch kits in the bottom of my craft bag.  When the going gets rough, one of them will be stitched, but not quite the same way the manufacturer intended.  It really makes me feel better.  The difference is amazing.  In fact, I am able to smile now, I feel happy.  How could I not, when that bear is so darned cute?  Well, he has done his job so well that I think I ought to name him.  How about Kieth? 😉

The finished product.  So adorable.  So rude.


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Thunder Chunky

For those of you who may have suspected I may have been holding back from posting pics of my recently completed ‘beret’ unnecessarily.  For anyone who thought maybe I was exaggerating when I claimed this project to be a failure (an understandable thought, for we are all to often our own worst critics).  You can now see it, and judge for yourself.

Looks like a nice beret?  If you answered yes, you are wrong.  Sorry about that, it was cruel of me to ask in the first place I suppose.  What you are looking at above was supposed to have knitted up into a super cool beret (and perhaps it does look OK in this pic).  It didn’t happen though.  This is the nicest picture I was able to take of it, it almost looks wearable (a little over the top size-wise, but wearable).  Below, is what it really looks like, in black and white for no better reason than I like the way I look in monochrome.  Hey, it is a grey hat anyhow and if I am gonna put my failures on display, I’m gonna make sure I look nice doing it.

I present to you….. THUNDER CHUNKY!!!  The name really has a great ring to it.  🙂

Well.  What is a Thunder Chunky?  I’ll tell you.  I like to name my projects (actually, I name most everything, but never mind that), though rarely get around to it until after it is completed.  Even failures get names, but they usually get the same one.  You guessed it, Thunder Chunky.  It generally expresses my dismay at having completely botched a job I am quite capable of doing well, and makes me feel a little better about it all.  Mostly I feel better, because it injects a little humour.  Funny thing though, this is my first knitted Thunder Chunky, almost all others (including the one that started it all) have been culinary disasters.  In fact, the only other crafted TC I can think of was an ugly ball of ‘yarn’ I ‘spun’ last November.  If you want to see it (which I do not reccomend), it is pictured in one of my first ever blog posts.  Basically it is the colour of Cheezles (and other cheese themed savoury crisps and snacks, extruded and otherwise) and the texture of dreadlocks (the yucky ones, not the cool dreads either).  Blergh!

I promised I would not unpick this until after I had taken photos of it.  Now I can have my yarn back and please don’t ask me not to frog.  It is already done.  I have already begun re-knitting, but not my own design this time.  I’ll get back to designing after that, but not hats for a while.


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Vest request

I told my guy last night, I’d like to knit him something this coming winter, but was concerned about my ability to choose a design he would actually wear.  That’s easy he says, make me a Punisher vest.  He is right, that is easy, I’ll do that, um later.  I’ll try to get the yarn soon, while it is still summer and yarn is on sale.  Now, all this prompted me to sift through my collection (mess, whatever) to see if I had a plain basic men’s vest pattern.  I found two things.  First, that I do not have a plain basic men’s vest pattern.  Second, this…

What do ya think?  Sure is an eye catching design this one!  Yes, I have posted this here primarily for gag value.  But there is something else you ought to know about this bold vest.  I have made one.  Yup, a few years back I hooked away and completed one of these babies in royal blue and bright purple.   It was quite a regal shade of purple too, as I recall.  As you will have guessed, it was a bit of a gag at the time.  From memory it was well received, but I guess you never really do know.  So, I’d like to put the call out for a picture (if it is indeed possible, I don’t even know if the vest still exists on this plane), and give a shout out to my buddy Rich.  Hi Richo, how are you, how is the vest?  Can we see it, please?  It has been a very long time since I laid eyes on it, and I am sure folks would get a kick out of seeing it too.  Right guys?  Heh

The picture quality is lacking here, sorry about that.


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…and now for something completely different

Because I have been such a bad girl this holidays (what, with all the not posting and all) and because it is remiss of me to not have done this sooner… a present to my readers (*snort!* yeah readers, funny), a proper chuckle post.

Hmmm, is it wrong to crochet a jumpsuit of lime purple and fuchsia granny squares?  Well, the short answer, is YES!  Any one care to tell us why?


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It was meeee…

Oh, boy.  Yeah.  I am the one responsible for the yarn that reminds me of the time we all discovered that vast quantities of Cheetos don’t mix well with Johnny Walker.  Err, sorry for the visual, here is a more realistic but only slightly less disturbing one.

Swatched, as best I could anyway.

This is my first attempt at spinning.  I’m gonna go get lessons now.  🙂  Considering I was aware I had the wrong type of fibre (especially for a first-timer) and was using a DIY ‘spindle’ made of an old CD with an 11.5 mm plastic crochet hook in it, I think it could have been worse. 


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