Attempts at mindful knitting and self-denial

I promised myself I’d knit more mindfully this year.  I want to really see something for my efforts this winter ya know? Well.  Today’s Yarn Harlot post has me feeling nervous.  Not a good sign.  But perhaps it is better that I work through my doubts now rather than after many more hours knitting.  This is supposed to be a mindfully knitted project after all.  Some of my concerns I’ll hash out below.  I am going to be doing some measuring, by the looks of it.

The article in question

The article in question

Is it OK that I have been knitting to my actual measurements rather than with some ease? Maybe not.  After I realised I had done it, I told myself I like ‘em fitted and this will ensure the cables don’t sit all contracted.  Well, I DO like ‘em fitted, that is true.  I just do not know if zero ease is the best thing for this project, I guess I need to do some research on that.  I am not sure I even know how much ease this pattern is written for.  Oh wait, there is a schematic in the pattern, so I will be able to figure it out.  Good, that is a start.

When I tried this on (as best I could though there is only a back piece and I was alone at the time) it seemed to run short.  Yes, I did cut out many inches from the pattern length.  On purpose too.  But I am very very very short-waisted, so much so that you just about cannot imagine.  Still, I was aiming for hip length and don’t seem to be getting there, not quite.  And yes, before you ask, I DID swatch and I did measure myself correctly.  So I think the problem could lie perhaps in my ‘hip length’ idea.  I have thought about it since, and what I really want is a length that will cover the top of my jeans well even when I am seated.  Probably I need my cardi to do more than just reach my hip point.  This, I think, also requires a further investigation.

Cable Close-Up

Cable Close-Up

These seem like very reasonable concerns now I have put them out there.  I believe I was trying to quash them before.  And you know what else, I think this is the real reason I have stalled on cast-ing on for the two front pieces.  Yup, the whole project has lain dormant in my project bag for about 2 weeks.  I have been distracting myself with knitting baby socks, lots of them (I’ll show ’em off at a later date).  I know 2 weeks is not a huge stall, as far as these things go, but it was nagging at me.  Why did I keep putting it off when I had sailed through the first piece? Sure, it was a tad tricky but I did it quickly and enjoyed it.  Hmmmm, I think I know now.  I had a hidden fear of my continuing being a waste of time, but could not know for sure with the unacknowledged issues unaddressed.

Well, I feel a bit better.  But I am no closer to finishing a cardigan that fits, I may even be further.  :-/  I’ll have to get back to you on this one.



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Kitsch for coins

I have been looking for a piggy bank for a while. Just a little something to put my 5 cent coins in and keep on my desk in the office. Well, it has been ages now, it seems I was down on the designs out there. They were all too girly, sparkly or expensive for my tastes. I just wanted something simple and preferably not an actual pig. Heh. Well, I have one finally and wouldn’t you know it, pigs! Yup, not just a pig, but a whole stack of ’em.

These guys are so bad I had no choice but to declare them to be good. It helps that the price was right too. Two bucks at the dollar store on George Street (Brisbane), SCORE!


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I Can Has Punis

Oh yes I can. Made up about 100 grams of these last night to take along to the Insubordiknit workshop this weekend.

‘Taint they nommy?

These bad boys are wool and silk.  Two shades of grey and a touch of black merino, a teeny bit of white tussah and a handful of rainbow dyed rods to be more specific.

This is a blend I have wanted to make up for some time (and I know I will do it again to better effect too).  The original idea was to make a classy looking tweed that was also fun and wearable next to my hypersensitive skin. Something that on closer inspection would reveal itself to be far less traditional than the tweed tag will initially suggest.

Anyhow, I love these and they were fun to make.  Which is just as well, because if I am taking them to the workshop (an art yarn workshop may I remind you) they will end up as a yarn of crazy.  Classy, is probably not a look I will be striving for this weekend and this is not a bad thing.  Besides, it will give me an excuse to make up this blend again, I’d like more variety in the grey shades next time anyhow.


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I did it

Yup. I actually did finish my socks before the deadline. Ha! Almost precisely 24 hours before I’ll have you know 😀

They are a tad tight in the foot, but they are wearable and the yarn is sooo very nice. I am calling this adventure a win for sure. And lookee what I got for my efforts…

My officially bestowed Sock Hockey finisher medal

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No time for chit chat…

Must keep knitting!!!

I am soooooo behind. 😦

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Meet Tony

This is Tony…

He is named for ol’ Shell Head himself. 😀

He is a cutie patootie.


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Ravelympic Progress – Day 4

Just a quick one to show off how far I have come with my Sock Hockey efforts for Team Doing A Bradbury in the 2010 Ravelympics.

Not only do I have two toes by now, I almost have half of each foot.  I expect to be getting close to gusset increases by the end of tonight’s meet at Night Owls.  Of course, we’ll see how I go.

So far I am having fun.  I could have made better progress by now I think.  But I had two false starts, so I have no real complaint.  It is looking like I am on track at this stage to finish this before the flame goes out. 

It is my hope that I will have finalised my pattern mods and swatching for my machine knitting event this week.  That way, I can cast on for the first piece of it after this Saturday’s QSWFA general meeting.


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