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Cast-off with differences

I am now around a third of the way through the armhole shaping of the first panel of my current jumper knitting project. Pictured below, for those who don’t recall it or haven’t seen it yet, this pic is from the pattern booklet.


So far all is going well. Though this morning I found an oddity in the way the shaping is written. I want to avoid calling it an error, as it was consistent over some four or five rows. Whilst i felt it was wrong, i could easily see what was needed and it was easily fudged first go. If I were to alter the way in which I work and think about casting-off stitches at the beginning of rows, then the instructions would be correct. So I have just made a note of it for future reference. Had I been more inexperienced, I would begin to think my way of working and counting my cast-off stitches must be incorrect. But this is not a problem I have encounter in any other pattern. I know I have not explained this well, at all. But I am not certain it is worth it (I tried to explain it to my housemate – also a very experienced knitter – and I failed spectacularly, it was very hard though the issue is simple) for something so isolated. If others begin using the pattern too then I will make the effort.

Errrm, here is a shot to show where I am up to.


The cables are looking nice. They are worked every row, to my surprise, I expected right side rows to be the only ones with crossings. It is a simple enough pattern though, so no hardship. Also there are areas of around five rows with no cable crossings at all, between sections of around nine rows where the crossing occur every row. So I guess you do get breaks, and anyhow, there is only two and a half repeats total. It’s no biggie when you put it like that. Heh, I wonder if I will still feel that way at this point in the next panel.

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Lady’s Trellis Yoked Jumper

I have decided to knit myself a land-girl type short-sleeved jumper from the 40’s.  It is something I have been meaning to do for a while, and I have given a lot of thought to just what I wanted.  I began by exploring all the patterns available online (via Ravelry, of course), there is not an awful lot of them out there, but a fair range I suppose.  I could not quite decide.  I then realised that I had far more patterns sitting in my own personal physical stash than was to be found on-line.  So, I began my search again there.  This time I found plenty that were right, but this one stood out.  It has all the elements I was looking for, deep waist-band ribbing, puffed set-in sleeves, demure neckline and just enough all-over texture to stop me getting bored (ribbing and cables in this case will do just fine). 


This pattern is one I have had marinading in my stash for such a long time that I do not any loner recall if the booklet this is from is one I inherited from my Nana’s stash, or if it is one I picked up at a thrift store.  Not that it matters really.  So, I don’t like carrying about vintage patterns in my WIP bag, this is something that is not very likely to surprise to any of you.  So you won’t be shocked to hear I tried to scan this baby so I could tuck away a PDF of it onto my tablet.  Since completing a lace shawl from a PDF pattern stored on my tablet, it has become my fave way to roll, and it happened very quickly!  Buuuuut… all attempts to scan have so far ended in strange pages, oddly sized and with only some of the pattern visible alongside large blank spaces.  Gah!  I gave up.  Hey, I just wanted to be able to knit, so a photocopy is fine.  Really.  Except that means I have been shy about sharing the pattern.  Understandable really, who’d want a dodgy copy of this anyway?  Well, me apparently, seeing as that is what I am still using a week after I gave up on trying to scan the pattern nicely.

What I am getting at in this over long preamble here, is that I have decided to share my rather unattractive copy of this rather lovely pattern with the world.  Or at least, those who find it and decide they want to knit it too.  One of these days I will get up from my knitting long enough to fix this mess, but for now it is at least serviceable.  Well, I think so.

With luck I will continue in this motivated industry of mine, such as it is, and even manage to blog my progress.  Who knows?  For now, I shall just leave you with a picture from the pattern booklet (at the top of this post) so you can see what it ought to look like when finished.  Currently my WIP does not look like much, as I have only completed the back half of the waist band.  And of course, I will leave you with the pattern link too, at the bottom of this post.  Hey, if you do decide to join me in giving it a go, old-fashioned instructions and all, let me know how you go wont you?



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Attempts at mindful knitting and self-denial

I promised myself I’d knit more mindfully this year.  I want to really see something for my efforts this winter ya know? Well.  Today’s Yarn Harlot post has me feeling nervous.  Not a good sign.  But perhaps it is better that I work through my doubts now rather than after many more hours knitting.  This is supposed to be a mindfully knitted project after all.  Some of my concerns I’ll hash out below.  I am going to be doing some measuring, by the looks of it.

The article in question

The article in question

Is it OK that I have been knitting to my actual measurements rather than with some ease? Maybe not.  After I realised I had done it, I told myself I like ‘em fitted and this will ensure the cables don’t sit all contracted.  Well, I DO like ‘em fitted, that is true.  I just do not know if zero ease is the best thing for this project, I guess I need to do some research on that.  I am not sure I even know how much ease this pattern is written for.  Oh wait, there is a schematic in the pattern, so I will be able to figure it out.  Good, that is a start.

When I tried this on (as best I could though there is only a back piece and I was alone at the time) it seemed to run short.  Yes, I did cut out many inches from the pattern length.  On purpose too.  But I am very very very short-waisted, so much so that you just about cannot imagine.  Still, I was aiming for hip length and don’t seem to be getting there, not quite.  And yes, before you ask, I DID swatch and I did measure myself correctly.  So I think the problem could lie perhaps in my ‘hip length’ idea.  I have thought about it since, and what I really want is a length that will cover the top of my jeans well even when I am seated.  Probably I need my cardi to do more than just reach my hip point.  This, I think, also requires a further investigation.

Cable Close-Up

Cable Close-Up

These seem like very reasonable concerns now I have put them out there.  I believe I was trying to quash them before.  And you know what else, I think this is the real reason I have stalled on cast-ing on for the two front pieces.  Yup, the whole project has lain dormant in my project bag for about 2 weeks.  I have been distracting myself with knitting baby socks, lots of them (I’ll show ’em off at a later date).  I know 2 weeks is not a huge stall, as far as these things go, but it was nagging at me.  Why did I keep putting it off when I had sailed through the first piece? Sure, it was a tad tricky but I did it quickly and enjoyed it.  Hmmmm, I think I know now.  I had a hidden fear of my continuing being a waste of time, but could not know for sure with the unacknowledged issues unaddressed.

Well, I feel a bit better.  But I am no closer to finishing a cardigan that fits, I may even be further.  :-/  I’ll have to get back to you on this one.


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Oh my, wow. Just wow.

Check out this amusing article I just spotted in today’s MX (the free transit newspaper here in Brisbane).

Who knew knitwear could be used as a get out of jail free card?  Not me!
Who knew knitwear could be used as a get out of jail free card? Not me!



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Crush The Loosers

OK, so before I get started I think I should explain the title, because it sounds a little unsporting.  It is the name of the project I want to show off, which was named after a song by one of my all time favourite bands, Regurgitator.  Still sounds unsporting?  Yeah well it gets worse before it gets better 🙂  The song was written for the Sydney Olympics, don’t worry it is very tongue-in-cheek.  The project, is my Ravelympics project, where Ravelry users set them selves a knitting challenge to complete during the Olympics (Heard of the knitting Olympics?  This is similar).  See, the titular looser in this case is me.  I am great at starting projects, but few are seen through to completion.  I thought this would be a nice opportunity for me to start a project AND finish it within a short time frame.   So I joined a team (Team Oz) and signed up for an event (sock put LOL).

Did I manage to crush my non-finishing run with this project.  Umm, err, no, not exactly.  Oh I finished it alright.  I just did not cross the finish line on time.  It is not all a loss, of course.  I now have a very kick ass pair of hand-knitted socks that just did not exist three weeks ago.  So here they are, albeit belatedly…

My first Firestarters and my first Ravelympic project, Crush The Loosers.

My first Firestarters and my first Ravelympic project, Crush The Loosers.

NOM.  They are so pretty, I really cannot be disappointed.  Next year I may even knit this same pattern for the Ravelympics.  It will be much easier (and therefore faster *ahem*) the second time around, and this is a design I really can see myself making more of. 

Here is the basic project info, for those that like to know such things;

  • Pattern:  The Firestarter, by Yarnissima.  Knit toe-up, with a heel flap, short row toe and twisted stitch cable details.  Oh and it was a freebie 😉  This pattern (for me) was packed with something new at every turn.  This made for challenging and enjoyable knitting right the way through.  I would not recommend them for beginner sock knitters.  They are a must-do for anyone already comfy with sock knitting though.  Oh and I am told that of all of Yarnissima’s amazing designs, The Firestarter is the one to start out with (the others are just mind boggling to me, so I tend to agree with this advice).
  • Yarn:  Araucania, Ranco Multi.  Purchased from Jenny King Designs.  Kettle dyed and quite yummy.  Though I have heard there may be some issues with wear, I’ll see for myself and share my findings.
  • Needles:  Knit Picks Harmony fixed circulars, 3mm and 2.75mm sizes.  Both were 80cm long.  I got those from Tapestry Craft in Sydney (they arrived just in the nick of time too).  This is the first I have used harmonies, but these are now my fave sock needles.  Seriously.
  • Mods:  Just one, I added 4 extra stitches to the cuff portion to accommodate my calves.  No biggie.

Just one more pic, ‘cos we like those.  Just look at that cabley goodness!  I love how it separates to make way for the heel gusset.  Mmmmmm…

Twisted stitch cable and gusset detail

Twisted stitch cable and gusset detail


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