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Cast-off with differences

I am now around a third of the way through the armhole shaping of the first panel of my current jumper knitting project. Pictured below, for those who don’t recall it or haven’t seen it yet, this pic is from the pattern booklet.


So far all is going well. Though this morning I found an oddity in the way the shaping is written. I want to avoid calling it an error, as it was consistent over some four or five rows. Whilst i felt it was wrong, i could easily see what was needed and it was easily fudged first go. If I were to alter the way in which I work and think about casting-off stitches at the beginning of rows, then the instructions would be correct. So I have just made a note of it for future reference. Had I been more inexperienced, I would begin to think my way of working and counting my cast-off stitches must be incorrect. But this is not a problem I have encounter in any other pattern. I know I have not explained this well, at all. But I am not certain it is worth it (I tried to explain it to my housemate – also a very experienced knitter – and I failed spectacularly, it was very hard though the issue is simple) for something so isolated. If others begin using the pattern too then I will make the effort.

Errrm, here is a shot to show where I am up to.


The cables are looking nice. They are worked every row, to my surprise, I expected right side rows to be the only ones with crossings. It is a simple enough pattern though, so no hardship. Also there are areas of around five rows with no cable crossings at all, between sections of around nine rows where the crossing occur every row. So I guess you do get breaks, and anyhow, there is only two and a half repeats total. It’s no biggie when you put it like that. Heh, I wonder if I will still feel that way at this point in the next panel.

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