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Iron Cake

It was the boyfriend’s Birthday yesterday.  I had made the mistake of asking what design he’d most like to see immortalized atop sponge.  Normally I just surprise him and considering how difficult his choice turned out to be, I will go back to choosing for myself next year.  So I present to you all, my latest creation, an Iron Man cake.


I wish now that I had included something in this pic to give a sense of scale.  As I did not, you will have to take my word for it.  This baby measures up at just over 30 cm square.

Sadly not my best cake ever, but it does look somewhat like the Golden Avenger, and I assure you it does taste great.  How I managed to make ol’ Shell Head look so overwhelmingly sad, I cannot say.  Those white dots?  Well, yeah, it is harder than I thought to make your icing look like outer space.  LOL!

 Maybe I overthought this one.  In an attempt to be more organized about the whole cake decorating process I made up templates and colour references galore.  I did help I suppose.  This is the first time I have been on time with one of his cakes.  Ordinarily I am either up all night the day before or still elbow deep in icing halfway through the party.

For next year I am thinking maybe I’ll do Hawkgirl or an Ant Man.  Dunno.



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