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Crush The Loosers

OK, so before I get started I think I should explain the title, because it sounds a little unsporting.  It is the name of the project I want to show off, which was named after a song by one of my all time favourite bands, Regurgitator.  Still sounds unsporting?  Yeah well it gets worse before it gets better 🙂  The song was written for the Sydney Olympics, don’t worry it is very tongue-in-cheek.  The project, is my Ravelympics project, where Ravelry users set them selves a knitting challenge to complete during the Olympics (Heard of the knitting Olympics?  This is similar).  See, the titular looser in this case is me.  I am great at starting projects, but few are seen through to completion.  I thought this would be a nice opportunity for me to start a project AND finish it within a short time frame.   So I joined a team (Team Oz) and signed up for an event (sock put LOL).

Did I manage to crush my non-finishing run with this project.  Umm, err, no, not exactly.  Oh I finished it alright.  I just did not cross the finish line on time.  It is not all a loss, of course.  I now have a very kick ass pair of hand-knitted socks that just did not exist three weeks ago.  So here they are, albeit belatedly…

My first Firestarters and my first Ravelympic project, Crush The Loosers.

My first Firestarters and my first Ravelympic project, Crush The Loosers.

NOM.  They are so pretty, I really cannot be disappointed.  Next year I may even knit this same pattern for the Ravelympics.  It will be much easier (and therefore faster *ahem*) the second time around, and this is a design I really can see myself making more of. 

Here is the basic project info, for those that like to know such things;

  • Pattern:  The Firestarter, by Yarnissima.  Knit toe-up, with a heel flap, short row toe and twisted stitch cable details.  Oh and it was a freebie 😉  This pattern (for me) was packed with something new at every turn.  This made for challenging and enjoyable knitting right the way through.  I would not recommend them for beginner sock knitters.  They are a must-do for anyone already comfy with sock knitting though.  Oh and I am told that of all of Yarnissima’s amazing designs, The Firestarter is the one to start out with (the others are just mind boggling to me, so I tend to agree with this advice).
  • Yarn:  Araucania, Ranco Multi.  Purchased from Jenny King Designs.  Kettle dyed and quite yummy.  Though I have heard there may be some issues with wear, I’ll see for myself and share my findings.
  • Needles:  Knit Picks Harmony fixed circulars, 3mm and 2.75mm sizes.  Both were 80cm long.  I got those from Tapestry Craft in Sydney (they arrived just in the nick of time too).  This is the first I have used harmonies, but these are now my fave sock needles.  Seriously.
  • Mods:  Just one, I added 4 extra stitches to the cuff portion to accommodate my calves.  No biggie.

Just one more pic, ‘cos we like those.  Just look at that cabley goodness!  I love how it separates to make way for the heel gusset.  Mmmmmm…

Twisted stitch cable and gusset detail

Twisted stitch cable and gusset detail


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