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Yeah I’m in! Ravelry, here I come.

Whooo hooo!  I got my Ravelry invite this morning.  I signed up straight away, looked for familiar faces and then ran back over here to WordPress so I could tell everyone.  Oh dear, how much of a yarn dork am I?  Wait!  Don’t answer that.  Believe me, if I knew how to make an eye rollin’ emoticon appear here, I would.  *sigh*

There is so much to explore, it is going to take me a while to get my bearings in Ravelry-land.  Sooo much to set up, but it is all fun so far.  I have managed to locate 2 of my fellow Brisbane S’n’B-ers, filled in my bio page (most of it I pinched from here on Stitches Anomalous) and signed up for the Aussie knitters group.  I figure that is the most important stuff taken care of.  Next I figure I’ll catalouge my WIPs, FOs and stash.

This will rock.  I am certain of that.  I seriously cannot wait to have a stash record, I tend to forget what on earth is in there.  So far there is just one thing I don’t like.  I will have to have a Flickr account, best I can tell.  Flickr is great, but I already have a Photobucket account that I opened for Craftster purposes (mostly).  I love my Photobucket, and I am not getting rid of it.  Sadly, I just can’t see how it won’t be a pain in the butt managing my picks in two places.  We’ll see.

Gotta run.  There is far too much Ravelry I have not yet eyeballed 🙂


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Pym’s debut and a little more catch up

First off, I just wanna say, I have a new action figure and that makes me very happy.  Introducing Ant Man – Henry Pym.

Is he not the most adorable Avenger you have ever seen?

Anyway, with that out of the way I can get onto cool swap stuff.  I still can’t tell much about the Australian Tea Towel Tour Embroidery Ring ( of course) that I am participating in.  Much about it is to remian top secret untill it is all over, and you know I do not ruin surprises.  What I can tell you about is my last one.

Way back on the 20th I promised pics of the swap loot from the Knit / Crochet Goodie Bag swap, and even back then they would have been very overdue.  What could possibly keep me from sharing?  Work!  It has sucked so bad this last month and a half that it has really messed me around, I feel a dummy spit building (and that is not something I have EVER done in my professional career).  How bad?  Well, anyone who has ever participated in a swap knows how much you wanna tell the whole world your loot is.  Just imagine how bad it would have to be to keep you from doing that 😦

Anyhow, who cares right?  I’ll get over it, so lets get on with the show.  Now, I already told you that TheWench really spoilled me.  Everything was either something I have been wanting but never imagined I’d actually get, something I need or something awesome I had never heard of.  All three of those categoies are great ones for swap items to fall under I say.  Take a look for yourself.

A big strong tote bag, that spruiks the benifits of being a handknitter.  Yes, stashing is on there twice, no it is not a mistake 🙂  It is obvious why this is a cool project bag, but on top of it all I must say I really needed another bag, I just didn’t realise it.

What was in there?

Knitting cotton.  I needed this.  The coolest part was, this is only half of the yarn.  I got a  bunch in black and white too.

Stefani Japel’s Fitted Knits.  Waaay too generous, I was stunned.  This was my most wisted knit book and so a great choice, but you know, way too generous.

Sitichmarkers that are poly clay chocolate.  I love food, I love poly clay, I love stitch markers.  I adore these chocky ones.  The only reason they have not yet graced my earlobes (during knitting down-time), is because I don’t currently own sleepers.  But it will happen.

I’ll show you just one last part of the package, but there was more.

This is a velvet transfer.  I have never heard of them before, but I have been plotting something nice for this, perhaps with a little embroidery around it.  Trouble is I don’t know where I want to put it yet, so I am stashing it and the idea until the right thing comes along.

 See!  I told you it was a great swap package.  Thanks again TheWench, you rock!

Next post, I will endevor to get around to showing you what I sent in return and my first ever piece of continental knitting (seeing as I promised that back on the 20th of August too).  It doesn’t look anywhere near as bad as it could have 😉

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