About me?  Yeah ok, I can do that.  Here it is folks, way more than you ever wanted or needed to know…

I was born in Adelaide, bred and resident in Brisbane.  I’m a project management wannabe by day.  I craft and cook in the evening, sadly I don’t get paid for that.
I’m auburn haired, right handed, long sighted and don’t seem to be able to sneeze less than three times in a row.
I’m a one-pot-screamer, get too many headaches and sometimes I ‘throw’ yarn.
I use formulas to remember my passwords, don’t take sugar in coffee or tea and I’m the eldest of two children.
I’m addicted to chocolate, Craftster and yarn; but allergic to cats, dust and pain.  Although, it feels nice getting my eyebrows waxed and I am not bothered by fingernails on blackboards.
Finally, I believe that if one person at the dinner table eats garlic bread, all should eat some of it.  That way, none will be able to perceive the others’ garlic breath.


5 responses to “About

  1. Hey Bik,
    Love the little Blog you wrote – explaines you perfectly and in a very neat way.
    Luv Ez **

  2. Bronte Morris

    Am looking for someone to present an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony and your description came up in a search. Do you know who organised this one?
    Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre.

  3. Hi Bronte,

    I have forgotten the name of the fellow. But he is the owner of the cafe/shop. Made In Africa can be found here… http://www.madeinafrica.com.au/

    I am certain he will be pleased to accomdate you if you contact him. He is a very friendly man indeed, and he was more than happy to answer all of my questions about his culture.

    I must thank you for reminding me actually. It is about time I stopped in again, for a meal and to check up on the status of the cooking lessons they were maybe going to hold there.

  4. Kay

    Hey Vicki, found your blog from a knitting website- am looking for someone to talk about stitch n bitch etc for an article for Kurb magazine- do you or any of your member live locally to Kelvin Grove, Spring Hill, Red Hill, Paddington, Newmarket etc? If so please email me back asap. Cheers,


  5. I just set up a meeting group for knitting. The details can be found at http://www.meetup.com/The-Brisbane-South-Knitting-Meetup-Group/. I thought that you might be interested in joining or passing on the details.

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